Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just Discharged

I was admitted to hospital on tuesday around 3am. Suspected food it! Dunno what i had ate wrongly but i just got lunch with my colleague then dinner at my mum's home. So i guess must be the char Koay Teow not clean, may be the clams quar, but the rest of my colleague are fine, so just me back luck.
This is my second time admitted hospital due to food poisoning d but this time i was more worry because i am pregnant. Luckily i recover very fast after doctor's treatment and able to discharge on wednesday afternoon. But the thing i dont like is, i have taken some medicine which i afriad might impact my baby. Even though doctor say the medicine he prescribed is save for the baby but i still think that the best is no need to eat :(
I definetly dont take the paintkiller d but i guess antibiotic still got to finish it all...too bad.
Sorry ya baby, mummy will try to be extremely careful next time.... :)


mk said...

baby will understand :)

不一样的天空 said...

Last time some1 told me if got food poisoning, just drink more 100plus will do.No medcine will help.No need see Dr.Anyway, do take good care!