Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another good learning

Yesterday i had did something stupid. I blown the fuse :( I wanted to unplug the 2 pin plug from the 3 pin outlet but i forgot to turn off the power and somehow it got shorted and there is spark. My goodness, whole house turn into darkness and i was alone :(
Initially i thought well, not a big deal, just go to the main control switch box and turn on the jumped switch, but it ends up that it wasn't as easy as i thought. The main switch was maintain on and there is one "module" of the circuit breaker was off but then i cant turn it on back...hmmm why is it so? Since i am an engineer, i am trying to figure out but then looks like theory might be different from practical. So i start to make call to JJ asking him to come back and at the same time call my father who used to be a wireman. Haha...looks nothing seem to be difficult for the experience guy like him. After he understand the incident, he explain to me that because the 2 pin plug doesn't have gnd, so it will not trip the main switch, then the next thing need to check is the fuse on the main meter. But then we dint have the ohmmeter to check the fuse continuity, well, then my dad say u can just use a testpen to check if there is any current flow..hmm...make sense too :)
So , finally we confirm is the main fuse blown d, and he advise us to call the TNB guy to come and change it. Good thing is the TNB guy took least then .5hour to come and quickly they change the fuse without any charges - good job :)
But, this is not all, we still need to change the bad module and we did it the next day.
It seems to be a bad day but i view it as a good learning for me and JJ even though i feel a little bit ashamed that i as an engineer, dont really now how to fix it initially :)

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Casey said...

hahah, good one. Take care, dont always try such a dangerous thing. If there is a incident like this, my family will call the electrician as they don't even understand i'm in what field and never trust me :p