Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am gaining too much weight d :(

Today went for checkup. Found out that i gained 5 kg for the passed 5 goodness, 1 kg per week, that is too much! But i don't think i eat a lot, so i asked doctor what should I eat and what shouldn't I. He advise me not to eat too much durian and grape. My gosh, after hearing it i know what i had did wrongly. I ate so much durian within this few months, cant help cause craving for it :). I also eat quite some grapes because i tot it is good fruit and i like it. So now i know what is the 2 BIG no no for my dietary...Also, he ask me not to eat to salty or sweet...again, i don't recall i eat to much of these 2 item. Then he say some of the soup can be highly salty. Again, now i know why d, because i like to drink soup especially those tomyam soup lar, noddle's soup lar... So, starting from today, i must change my eating habit liau, what to do, for the sake of the baby and me :)

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不一样的天空 said...

OMG!I love grape as well....need to reduce then :)