Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trip to Bukit Bendera

Bukit Bendera? Sound strange isn't it? What is up there to visit? Actually is really nothing lor, but since we don't want to go shopping every weekend, so we decided to do something different.
Since it was Sunday, quite a lot of people visiting bukit bendera, so the cable car was quite packed. I am a bit disappointed that no kind people to offer me her/his seat, so i have to stand in the cable car on both the up and down journey. Quite uncomfortable actually :(

Luckily the weather is not so hot up there, some times when the wind blown, it feel cozy. So happend there was a show during that the time we visited. It was the show of the King cobra and some other snake. It was very intersting though as the man can kiss the cobra many times as if it is so simple. After the show, audience can take photo with the snake. That person sure not me lar, i never have such courage to do this type of thing one, lizard already can drive me crazy, dont even talk about snake , hehehe :)

Actually there is really not much thing to see at the bukit bendera, but i just curious why they built a big mosque and now building a big indian temple there. During those religious festival day, the cable car sure cannot cope for the heavy traffic flow,so what for built such a big temple there??? Well, this world is like that, a lot of things cannot be explained in a logical way :)

* Me beside the pond * The man kissing the king cobra

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ohchek said...

People did thing with purpose even our sound mind could not predict. Most importantly,purpose to meet their "agenda" is the main consideration. Get what I mean ?