Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back from holiday

I always enjoyed my holiday cause no need to work :)
I took 2 days off, so total i got 5 days holiday including the May 1st public holiday. Me and JJ went down to Muar vising my sister and then to KL. The whole journey was about good food, kekeke....First at Muar, i eat the famous otak otak, really damn good compare to penang (hard to find in penang but still can find lar). At night, my brother-in-law bring us to a decent restaurant for good food again. I like their steam fish with "chai por", seldom have this method of cocking here. Their sambal petai with prawn also very delicious.
On the next day, we went to Melaka for famous chicken rice ball and the durian cendol. Fuyoh, the durian cendol is really yummy, of course if you like durian lar, if not you may not find it delicious.
*Photo of me and my sister's family at Melaka
The following day, we continue our journey to KL. Thanks to Sean, we had tried the famous Ampang Yong Tau Fu, the fish ball is very fresh and nice, no wonder some of the KL people dont like Penang Yong Tau Fu, it is really far different standard :)
We also go to Jalan Yew to try it famous Heun Kee Claypot chicken rice. Again, it never dissapointed us. The rice smell so good with the salted fish in it. I never tried such a tasty claypot chicken rice in Penang before, or maybe just that i havent found one here.
Last but not least, i had finally tried the Krispy Kreme donut. Wow, it is much better than Big Apple donut although i use to thought that big apple donut is already so good. The Krispy Kreme is very soft and yet very compact inside. However, really cant eat much cause it is really too sweet d. No wonder US peoeple get fat so easily, if they take this as their breakfast :)
The disadvantages are - long hours journey is a bit tiring and i had gain lots of weight :(


mk said...

I missed krispy kreme too :D Time flies, it has been almost 5.5 years since my last bite.

不一样的天空 said...

Good for you and finally can see your picture but still damn small.