Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The King story part 2

So, i continue to read the story book and found that the story is getting excited. The new king trying to cover up what bad thing he had did before and thus he instruct his general to shut people's mouth quickly by anouncing death sentence to the Innocent people. Well the 2 替死鬼 might or might not willingly die for the king but the king could use a lot of money to bribe them or even threaten them and their family members. Why not, he is the King mah!
While i was reading the story, i think that more and more evidence has shown that actually the new king is more cruel and greedy than the previous king. I pretty the people so much. No wonder more and more rich people from his country has migrated to other kingdom, those left will be suffered.
Pls, do pray for his people :(

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mk said...

yea pray for us :)
the new king is wearing the king new suite(国王的新衣),he tot we are brainless :)