Saturday, April 18, 2009


After a few weeks since the first anouncement by our CEO, finally we have known our faith. This round we were luck as we are save from the work force management exercise and i still stay with my current jobs, no role changes or extra work for me, which is a good news.
Anyway, i feel sorry for those who has to leave but was not prepared. I really hope that the situation will get better with our order increase back to a certain level very soon. However, i have no answer how can we turn over the situation and capturing more order in such an economy situation. Things might continue to get worst and could it be another round of WFM or sold off of some of the division? this are all the possible trends if order keep going down.

Same old quote i like to use "Prepared for the worst and hope for the best", this is what we can do right now :)

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