Sunday, April 5, 2009

A story about a New King

Once upon a time (why every fairy tales story must start up with this sentence? Anyway, i just follow...:) ), there is a kind but in-capable king ruling a small kingdom. The peoples live in this kingdom where friendly and simple minded. As the King too kind, he cant really control his knight from doing bad thing and he also cant contol his peoples from spreading out the trues. So, his general rebel againts him and finally the poor king has to step down. The new King was crowned, but the peoples was not happy at all because the new king was cunny and cruel. To try make the peoples like him, the king try to do some good deed. He first release those prisoner that was caught earlier by the old king. Then he make a trip to the villages, try to mix around with his poeple and trying to listen to their problem. (pause : I was thinking, why he never do this prior to his crowning but only do it now? And how long do you think this can last? ok ok, lets continue the story...) Actually, i havent finished reading it yet, so i cant tell you what is the ending of the story...I will continue to update this story after i had read it, stay tune! :)

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