Friday, March 20, 2009

It's going to be 14 weeks..

Most of the time we tends to feel time flies...but during pregnancy, i am sure most of the pregnanct lady will agree with me that "why time passes so slow" :)
Carrying a baby with me is really not an easy task. From the first day i knew i was pregnant, my body has change. I feel cold easily in the very first few weeks, then i start to have slightly morning sickness, but luckily it get improve a lot. But the worst thing is, i dont get the chance to go Gym anymore, as well as playing bowling, i missed it so much.
Then, i got to cancel all my business travel as well, even though some poeple still travelling during pregnancy but i dont think i have that energy lor...i feel tired easily and need to eat very is very troublesome to go on business trip. Haha, i wonder what my customers will say if i suddenly paused and told them that I need to eat something while we are in the meeting, hehehe :)
I guess all this in-conveniences has caused the feeling of why the time passes so slow...Somemore i have to worry about lots of things, like how to eat healthy, how to take good care of my body, how to give my baby a good "胎教", how to prevent strecth mark, remember to eat vitamins supplement, remember to eat excel health products, serveying baby stuff to get a good and affordable price, finding confinement lady...and so on...Isn't that big responsibility? :P


skypaul said...

hey, congratulation!!!! drink more millenium, take it like water, take ACT, take ART, SOE, use lotion.....blah blah...use all lah!

gong xi gong xi....

mk said...

take care! :)
You can do it :)
I recently read from a book, try to eat more high fiber food, have a clean digestive system, then your baby will be more healthy also.

MeRy said...

Congrats.....Do eat more healthy food!!

SY said...

AhPoa: Eat all d.Very exp wor..u sponsor half to GL:).