Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cherry Blossom at Penang??....

This year we are so lucky to see an interesting and pretty view at Bayan Lepas area near to Pantai Hostpital. It looks very similar to Cherry blossom in Japan but it wasn't Cherry tree.
Many poeple went there to take photo and some bring they children as well.

Today i pruposely bring JJ here to admire the nice view but we didnt bring our SLR camera, so I can only took some photo with my handphone camera. :) The weather is good, windy and cloudy but the problem is hard to find a good car park since the tree is planted along the busy road. It will be perfetc if the tree is growth in a park so that people can walk around enjoying the nice view :)


fl said...

I feel lucky too, I have the trees along the way in front of my house.

amberooicb said...

Great!So romantic!