Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary - 308

It seems to be very short, but yes, it has been one year since pakatan take our the Penang state.
In this day, many were given their comments on the new government. Giving them makrs, some complainint and some praising them. But i was wondering, why last time during the BN is rulling, no body given them any scored?
For me, i will give the old government 20 marks and the new pakatan government 70 marks. Even though is seems like not a high score for the new government, but just look at the differences compare to the old Govern. score, we should still be happy that we have make the right choice :)

The opposition leaders, which is BN now were of course accusing that new government didnt do much changes, only focus on the publicity, didnt have long term plan, blur blur usual...
But there is one person that did not say anything bad about new Govern during the interview. He is Tan Sri Dr.Koh, the ex-chief Minister. Instead, he is being humble and admit that during his rulling, his team might have missed out or dint really focus on some issues that they view it as a small issue but otherwise by the poeple. And he pledge that if BN has the chance to rule again, they will improve and they will work extra hard to win back people's heart. Bravo, Dr.Koh..You are a 正人君子:)

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