Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Japan Trip Sharing - Part 2

This post suppose to be published yesterday but it suddenly blackout while i am typing this blog, so it only be able to publish today.
So after a nice skiing experience, we went down to Osaka. We spent 2 days over there. The first day we were visitng Osaka castle. Quite nice environment there. See the photo.

After that we went to Osaka Aquarium. There is lots of fishes and other sea creatures. Those that still clear in my mind are the cute penguin marching, strange monkey-look creature that has 2 sharp crawl, the big flat fish. There is a big ferris wheel near it as well.

Talking about night life, i think Namba is the most happening and biggest shopping street i had ever seen. We having dinner there and we tried the famous Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake). It taste good but it somehow wasnt listed in my favorite food list :)

Last but not least, we had also been to the universal studio in osaka. Since this is the first time i went to universal studio (many people were curious why i never been there during my trip in US :)), i found it very existing also.Taking photo with the famous character like sherk, taking photo of those beautiful and nicely decorated building, watching the spideman 4-D movie, the backdraft which show how the hollywood film the fire and bombing scene...pretty new to me :)
To be continue....


skypaul said...

So you went down to Osaka also neh. Did you all go to Namba, Sinsaibashi? Okonomiyakiiiiiii....long time no eat liao. How you find the taste?

Gaik Ling said...

Namba yes..Sinsaibashi never heard about it. The okonomiyaki taste okay lar, but not my favorite :)