Friday, January 9, 2009

Japan Trip Sharing - Part1

Thought of start writing my Japan story 2 days ago but was so busy and also not feeling well. Today I am on MC and had been sleeping the whole day until now only feeling better.

Ok, come back to the Japan trip sharing, it was really a great and tiring trip. The first day when we reach Japan, we straight away go to Yuzawa, the "snow country" for skiing. I was so lucky that on the first day there, it has started to snow. I had never seen snowing before, it was really astonished. Finally i was able to see snow :)
We took the hotel shutter bus to go down to town area. It was a small town and we just like to experience walking under snow. It was freezing cold and we really cant stand it, hehe.

This is the photo i took from my hotel room (we stay at a ski resort called Naspa Otani, very expensive, 2 days cost both of us RM2k++) Imaging you wake up in the morning and look out to the window and you could see such a pictures view....Ichiban neh...
The food there is also excellent. The package include buffet breakfast and dinner. The breakfast is so so only, not much choice but the dinner was really good. Nice Tempura with big prawn, fresh and thick sashimi, Big scallop, so tender roasted beef and melt in the mouth pork....really really good..just that the dessert is not good but the ice-cream is of course nice :)

The sky start to get dark as soon as 5pm, so we got nothing to do at night so i wear their Yukata (night dress) to took some nice photo and then go to their ONSEN (hot spring) course need to be naked lor before you can go to the pool :) The first time when i go, i dont take the bath there, feel so shy and just deep inside the pool. However the 2nd time i go, i just try taking the bath there. It is a big strange cause you need to sit on a "bangku" then facing the big mirror to bath and there is people on your left, right and at the back. It is normally 2 raw of benches for people to take bath there. Another new experience for us :)

My 2nd dream come through on the next day - we are ready for skiing. After rented the full gear, we headed to the skiing area which we need to take gondola to go up to the hill. When we reached there, we were very excited but worry too because the slope is pretty steep and we had never skied before. We spent about 3 hour learning to control the pole and how to stop. We fall down dunno how many times but this is normal :) Finally we decide to walk down the slope and learn how to ski at the more flat area. After another few hours hard learning, we finally know how to ski a bit properly and learn how to stop and fall properly too, hahaha. When we were skiing, we felt so hot and i have to take out my scarf somemore and JJ was sweating, cant believe it! However around 3pm, it start to snowing again and with the wind blowing, it become very cold again and we decided to go back and come again the next day. We were so tired and i got bruises many place on my legs but it was fun. We went to ski again on the next day and this time we use the shorter ski and it is more easy to ski. We felt so satisfied at the end of the 2nd days of our skiing lessons because we finally manage to ski many first time within the 3 days in Japan...seeing the snow, trying the ONSEN, and sking....

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