Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Article to share

I received a good article today from a friend. It was in Mandarin but i help to translate it to English as below:

There is only 3 problems/things in this world.
- The first one is your own problem, like whether or not to go to work, what you like to eat,
whether you want to help people, etc...which is fully under your control
- The second one is other people's business, like He is lazy, He dont like you etc...
which is under other people's control.
- The third thing is god's problems, like earthquake, Tornado, which is totally out of human being's control.

Mankinds unhappiness came from :
-Dont know or forget how to control your own problem properly
-Likes to interfere on other's business/problem
-Too much worry about God's problems.

So, to be happy it is easy, just :
- Mange your own problem well
- Do not be a busy body
- Do not worry about God's problems


ohchek said...

Many people realise " don't trouble the trouble till the trouble trouble you.

How many actually can stop from doing so ?

Gaik Ling said...

DOnt have to worry how many actually can stop from doing so, just worry if you can do so :)