Saturday, October 4, 2008

New shopping mall-the store pacific in Komtar...

It has been a few days i didn't read the news online. So today i purposely online to read some news and wanna find out if there is any news from PKR, especially from Anwar, but i was dissapointed :(
Rather, i found an interesting new about The Store will open a branch at Komtar before Christmas. This could be the first step to achieve Lim's vision to rebuilt Komtar's glory. Good job again CM Lim! Also i felt great when he say out loud that "Penang Govt is a Govt that do not accept bribe,thus businessman don't need to pay extra "kopi lui" in order to do business...Haha, U are the MAN, chief! Do keep your words and don't disappointed Penanges! :)

槟州政府是个不接受贿赂的政府,前来做生意的商家们可以在不需要缴付额外的“咖啡钱”情况下做生意。因此,任何有兴趣的商家,可直接联络槟州政府。”- Quote from CM Lim~

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