Sunday, October 5, 2008

My first boot..

I never have a boot before and today i bought 2 at one times. Haha, that's because i had been searching for many shops and cant find a suitable and comfortable one. These 2 boots that i had bought was for my Japan trip this coming Dec. I bought it at a shop call Bright2 in Queensbaymall. One is black colour and the other is beige colour with flat bottom. I like both of them and cant decide which one to buy so bought 2 lor, easier, no need to think :)
Actually it is quite cheap compare to some other that i had seen before. I spent RM184 for 2 pairs, maybe because it is not completely leather, it is mix leather with some other material. However those 100% leather one, the bottom of the shoes is normally very hard and not comfortable, somemore it is more than 2 inch high, so it is not suitable for long distance walk.
I got many other stuff to buy before going to Japan for skiing, hmm...pokai liau...


**Shih Nyien** said...

Post the picture of the boots, I want to see :)

Amber said...

I also got one for myself from Aldo in Orlando buthaven't wear :)Eh!If go skying, better take course 1st ya, remeber that..