Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jalan-jalan Cari day trip

Since it was holiday and we have nothing much to do at home, me and JJ decided to go for a day trip to Ipoh cum Ayer Tawar. We started our journey around 8.30am heading to Ipoh for the famous 大树脚 (direct translation will be big tree leg) Yong Tau Fu. It was situated at Jalan prince. See the photo on the left. His home made fish fillet was excellent and other also good.
After that, we went to the original coffee shop of the white coffee at the old town. We used to drink the coffee at the Sun Yuan Fong, so this time we decided to go back to the same kopitiam. The white coffee is really really good lar, dunno why it was so different from the one i use to have in old town kopitiam, the franchise one. The taste of coffee is so strong...i dunno how to describe but it is ichiban lar :)
Then we went down further to Ayer Tawar where YW's home
town is for the famous red wine chicken noodles (红酒面线鸡)。

The taste is very special, something i haven't try before. It doesn't have any alcohol taste, but a bit sweet. Another favourite dish of mine is the fish maw cooked in the spicy and sour style, taste very good too :) (Thanks YW and KC for the good lunch!)
After all the good food, we headed to lumut for a walk,

taking some photo and do some shopping for the local products to bring back home. It was quite a long journey and tiring drive but I guess it was worth for all the good food and good memory :)

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