Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's snowing....:)

Today when i was on my way back from work, it rains quite heavily, so as usual the Penang bridge is jam. Since i got nothing to do, i will normally call friends to chit chat, or play the "Big 2 hero" (Cor Tai Di) using my handphone.
But today i try to do something different where i took some photo around me. See the photo on the left, doesn't it looks like snowing? Haha, or maybe because i am too excited on the year end Japan skiing trip until I have gotten this imagination? :)
Anyhow, it did make me felt happy even though I was stucked in the jam and to me, this is very important as i dont want to feel frustrated on the jam almost everyday :)

1 comment:

Madley said...

Good to have fun and be positive in such condition that tends to create stress in us. It's about the choice we made! :)