Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally...I make it!

I have went through so many challenges and roadblock only to install Agilent IO suite in my laptop....and finally i had successfully did that.
It all started due to my CD-Rom drive has spoilt, so i try to get an external CD-ROM driver. But i found out that the external CD-ROM driver's connector is a special USB port where there is an extra pin for the power which my laptop doesnt have. However, i thought i was lucky as my docking station can support this type of connector. So i happily plug in and press the on button, wait for a while but nothing come out :( Then i ask my colleague to use his docking station, try it and works. BUt...when i put in the installation CD, my laptop cannot detect it...(what a lousy time to change d..)
So how?? No choice lor, i got to download it from Agilent Website but it will take long long time..Since there is no other choice, I have to do so....after a while of downloading, the window thing suddenly closed down and i have to reinstall :( What a bad luck!
Finally, after maybe an hour or so, it has successfully been installed. BUt....then..when i start the application and try to communicate to my instrument, the laptop hang up..Not Again! :(
However, after gone through all this hassle, I finally get the thing up around 6.45pm...bravo, can go to gym liau :)
Even though it is a simple setup but i felt so happy that finally it works...sometimes working with machine can be more fun and satisfied then working with people :)


Casey said...

what's wrong with the serial IO?

**Shih Nyien** said...

Dear, you know what, OTS never has an CD for I/O Lib, we always install from website. I'm glad you experience what we always experience and what customer always experience. :p

Gaik Ling said...

haha...i'm sorry to hear that :( sucks!
Hey, but i can sent u several IO libraby CD if you want...let me know..