Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Showing my daughter a life of a plant

We have gotten this free toy from enfagrow milk powder and I decided to give my daughter a simple experience of plant growth cycle. So i get 4 mung bean from my mom and put it inside the test tube provided by the toy set. I put 2 beans inside one tube with some cotton and water so that i will slowly growth into the bean sprout. The growth process are fast and in the 2nd days we can already seeing some significant growth. Kai Shuen seems amazed by this discovery and she keep checking on it everday.On day 4, one of the bean sprout has grown so tall compare to the rest and I was astonished by what Kai Shuen said. She said to me"Wah, mom this bean is great, she grow so tall compare to the rest, the rest are not good" She seems to adore by the one that growing so strong and tall and praise it. So I took the opportunity to ask her, which one she wanted to be like, and she answer - the tall one...haha..she always like to win, no matter what. I guess it is human nature to like victory, winning over other. It can be good or bad and I hope she will grow up to learn wining through the right way...:) Anyway, it's just a small exercise/experience, but i feel great that i try my effort to let her exposure to the nature life cycle. Should do it more often in future!

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