Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day trip to taiping Zoo and Lake

Why going Taiping Zoo again? Many asked me this question when i told them I'm going to bring my daughter to the Zoo. Well, that's because she likes to watch the Barney Zoo and always seems to be interested in the elephant and Giraffe. Anyway, it turns out to be a very educational and fun experienced that we enjoyed it so much although it was damn hot and exhausted. Side track a bit,  I prepared the kimbap (korean sushi) for our trip and it was not bad for the first timer making it :)

When we reached at the zoo, it was already about 10am but surprisingly it was not many people maybe because it was the first day of Hari Raya and people are busy visiting each other? :) So we take the Zoo's tram and have a good one round quick look a the whole zoo area and know where is the elephant and giraffe located. After the fun tram, we set to see the elephant and then the giraffe. Don't know why my girl loves giraffe so much that she spent most of the time playing around at the giraffe and zebra area. There is one giraffe who likes people so much that everyone passed it will feed her with leaves, so do my girl.
One new thing I discover is that the zoo has got many baby kangaroo too which I didn't notice last time I came. Many it was just newly "Imported" from Australia :)

One thing I dislike about the Taiping Zoo was the tram that run in the same track as walking path, so we have to always watch out for the kids to avoid the tram and it's really disturbing....

Swimming tiger

Tickets : RM12/adult; RM6/child above 3 years old

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