Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learn counting through play

We know that the effective way for kids to learn new thing is through play, but not all time we are able to think of a creative way to do so. Fortunately I came across this creative idea and finally successful to teach my daughter how to count things. She has been able to count 1-10 for quite some times but she just can't tell you exactly what is the sum/total after counting. Example, she can count the numbers of aplpes in the book, 1, 2 and 3, but then when you ask how many are there, she couldn't tell you it is 3. Recently I bought her some Big red bean to play "masak-masak" or the cooking games. She loves it so much. And out of sudden, i came out with this idea to put some read bean on the floor and ask her to count while picking it up and putting it in a tray. She was kind of happy to do so and when it is done, i'll ask how many read bean is there in the tray. After a few attempt/playing, she was able to tell the sum/total finally. So i guess this is a good example where I find kids can learn better and easier through play. The thing is, we parent really have to be creative and patient helping then to learn through play...gambateh all parents :)

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