Friday, January 13, 2012

My girl likes to think at night

Oh, i missed my blog. It's been long time i didnt update my blog. Reason? Busy, or it's just an excused :)
Anyway life has been very unstable for me for the past few months. Nothing seems to work as planned...but I'm feeling that it's over and I can see the rainbow :)

Ok, lets talked about something interesting...about my daughter :) I was amazed that at her age of 2 years and 4 months; she got a lots of thing to think about especially at night before sleep.
Yesterday after I switched of the light and laid down with her on the bed, she starts to say...Mommy, I missed teacher Holly( her teacher in the US nursery) and Avery (her friend in that nursery). I want to go find them...
The other day, also during the night, she suddenly request from me " mommy, can you bring me to old town for breakfast?"
Another time, she said "Mommy, Big Aunty has went back home (they come for holiday and now back to Muar)...I said, yes, dear, do you missed them...She replied, Yes....

She's just adorable!

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