Sunday, November 6, 2011

A triumphant feeling....

It has beenseveral months I tried to potty trained my 2 years old daughter. At first, she wouldn't even want to sit on the potty. Only after many times of persuade, she finally gave in. However, everytimes she sat on the potty, nothing seems to come out and she just want to play with the toilet paper :(
Even when I noticed her standing there trying to poo, and quickly put her on potty, yet nothing can come out. I was about to give up but my husband encourage me to try it slowly. Hence, I just occasionally let her tried without hoping too much. Just now, before she went to sleep, i let her tried again. Too my surprise, she successfully pee in the potty...I was so happy and so do her...Finally there is something come out, thank god! I cant see that she was also very happy or rather amazed listening to the sound of her dripping urine...What a triumphant feeling I have had, although it's just the first step to her journey of fully potty trained. Well, the first step is always difficult and I believe that once she has made her first step, success is near...hopefully :)

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