Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kai Shuen 2nd Birthday

Kai Shuen is turning two this Sunday. Hence we have a little celebration for her at her day care center today. It was a pretty short one but i guess everyone did have a good time. We gave the M&M, Kit Kat and the animal balloons that we made ourselves to those kids in her class and I can see a smiling faces in them. Too bad we are not allowed to lit the candle due to safety issue. Although she has no chances to blow a candle today, we'll let her try on Sunday :) Anyway, we have a wonderfull time and it was her first party in US :)

Tinker Bell cake that I had choosen for her

She is wearing her Birdayday Girl shirt :)

She request us to take a photo with her teachers

Kai Shuen's friends enjoying the M&M and Kit Kat more than the balloon :)

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