Friday, September 16, 2011

My girl likes to watch action movies

I didn't notice how much Kai Shuen enjoyed watching action movie until the other day when we were watching the "kiss of the dragon"by Jet Lee. There was this bad guy no.1 wanted to kill the bad guy no2  and the scene was getting very exciting. The moment when the bad guy no.2 is been killed with the knife, Kai Shuen turn to me and said " the uncle is dead"! I was so surprise that she can somehow follow the story of the movie. On the other hand, i was worried too that TV really have a huge impact and influence on kids.
Although I try not to let her watch too much TV but sometimes it just can't help it. Sometime when she was bored playing with her toys, she will request me to switch on the TV. And if I don't want too, she will askme to bring her out. So sometimes i would rather bring her to the library or the playground than watching TV. Although she doesn't enjoyed me reading to her, she still love to go library sometimes :)

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