Friday, September 2, 2011

Goods and bads sending your kids to day care center

Today is my daughter's 4th day of school. I encountered different feeling each day when i went to fetch her back from the day care center. First day was a bit worried how would she adapting to the new environment. Second and third days were happy because she waved goodbye to me and seems happy to go to the center, but today I was sad because she told me she don't want to go to the school and crying out loud again.. Guess this is what every parents have to go through if sending their children to the day care center?
Personally, i felt that there are pros and cons sending your children to the day care, especially when they are still very small. The advantages are likely to be that they can learn more things, and they learn it much faster. I'm thrilled that my daughter said "thank you" to me when i helped her to pick up her toy just now. This is definitely a good thing that she has learnt from the school. They can also learn to eat by themselves instead of asking mommy and daddy to feed them at home. Furthermore, I was also hoping that she can be potty trained soon with the influence from other kids who were potty trained. On the other hand, there are also things that I don't like about. Firstly, teachers may not aware that the kid has poop, so it might not be cleaned up until half an hour later or even longer. This has cause rash on my daughter's private part. Secondly, they can't seems to do much on those children that were crying and I don't see them wiping the child's tear and nasal fluid. Finally, as the ratio of teacher to child is 1:5, sometimes teacher may overlook on those kids' misbehavior like biting the crayon or hitting other children.
Well, thing always has its goods and bads, I guess we just need to learn how to cope with it, isn't that so?

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