Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Second day of school

Today was the 2nd day I sent my 2 years old daughter to the day care in the US. I'm glad that she waves good bye to me when the teacher carried her over. First day was a rough start for her. While I was outside the classroom talking to the principal, i can hear her screaming and crying looking for me. Her teachers said she is fine after a while and starts to join the activities and play in the group. Until when the light is off around 12.15pm for the nap time, she started crying again. This is normal because since young she's so attached to me that even in her grandma's house at night when the light is off without me, she will cry out loud. I hope she will get use to it soon, poor little girl! Today, even she didnt cried when i was leaving but her teacher said on and off she will cry for a while, guess that she suddenly notice mommy is not around :) But she did very well in the class, joining others children to play and have fun! When she was home this afternoon, I asked her if she wanted to take a bath first or eat first, and guess what she replied me- I want to sleep first! haha..She must have been really tired in the school :)

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