Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amazing invitation from Intel

Amazing, amazing!!! I'm stunned reading the dinner invitation from intel. It's the letter from Intel Ronler Acres Campus to its neighbors inviting all of us to join a dinner and update meeting on 27th Sept. As the biggest employer in Oregon, I think they really put in lots of effort engaging with the community. It's likes they want everyone in Hillsboro be proud of Intel and be part of Intel's growth, how nice! Oh, btw, the new building's car park is almost done. It's just in front of my apartment, and you know what, everytime we passed through it, especially at night where all the lamp post was lighten up, we like to brag about it...Ït's really unbelievable huge!" "Are there going to be busses to fetch the employee from the parking place? "They can do a fun fair there, or have event like sat farmer market"....

The letter from Intel

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