Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My kid learn modeling

Don't know since when, my daughter started to love to take her own picture. Out of sudden, she will ask me to take the camera and snap her photos. So i asked her to take the photo with her winnie the pooh soft toy and she was happily went to grab it. I started with putting winnie beside her and asked her to smile...then follow by asking her to hug winnie. Never did she listen to me so obediently. I wonder why she loves "modeling" so much, maybe she will become a model eventually! :) I really enjoy taking her photo and must polished up my photographic skills so that i can take more nice picture of her.


Don't smile until your eye close, open your eye big big!

Hug your winnie...


And this is the best natural pose ever..Love it! kekeke.....

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