Monday, May 16, 2011

My girl recently learnt to sort the number/alphabetical floor mat.( see the  video below) Me and my brother when we first saw her playing, was impressed by her, but grandma quickly said "of course she is expert lar, you know how many time and hour she spent a day playing it or not, and we (both grandma and grandpa) have to play with her all the time".lol! She sounded bored with the repeatable play by her grandchild. Sometime i salute my daughter for being so persistence in her play. She can repeat the same play many times without feeling bored, until we are tired and call a stop. Same thing happened to the hide and seek play. Once she started it, she wont let us stop, and she keep hiding at the same place for us to find her, hehehe...It was fun for the first few times but not now anymore. Both me and my hubby were so scared now everytime she request to play this game :) Anyway, through  her play, I notice that she is as impatient as me. Whenever she can't put the pieces into the mat, she yell for help :(

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