Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mood disorder?

This morning, the topic from the DJ attracted me once again. And it does help to makes my journey to work more relax despite of the jam. It was about mood disorder, and the famous actress Catherine Zeta Jones was hospitalised for this mental health problem. Is this your first time to hear about this diseases? It was mine too...Apparently when a person was in either positive mood or negative mood for too long of a time, that person might have mood disorder problem. According to the psychiatrist, mood disorders are not caused by stress, but they can be amplified by stress. I mood used to swing from one end to the other, sometimes with reasons and sometime don't. But luckily mine wont stay to long because i will try to find out what actually causes my mood swing and will try to "correct" it in a way so that everything will get back to normal. The psychiatrist also tell the same thing but in a more scientific way/term. He also mention that mood disorder can be caused by hormone changes as well and thus proper medication would help. So next time if you have similar problem or other mental worries, don't think that it is your problem, maybe it is your body dysfunction and you shouldn't feel shy to reach out for help.

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