Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Found great place to bring my daughter to during weekend

A friend told me that she used to bring her kids to public library in England. I was surprised to hear that because my thinking of the library is usually the quiet place for adult to read books. Obviously I was wrong. There is normally a section for children to play and learn. So i decided to bring my daughter to the public library at Seberang Jaya during last Saturday. It was very cold inside, luckily we brought her the jacket. We went into a room where it was meant for people to watch DVD, but can also served as the playing ground for those card/boards game. We borrow this square shape block for her to play. She doesn't seem to be interested in it, instead loves to run all over the place, trying to "make" friends with other.(some elder child may find her disturbing :-) )  There is also another area full of toys and reading material for elder kids where it need a special pass (need annual fees). We may join the membership in future when she is 3 or 4 years old. Nearby this special area, there are 4 computers for children to play games, learning and surfing. I would really recommend those parents who staying around seberang jaya area or BW to bring their kids to the library. We will definitely bring our daughter there more often as we do enjoy spending time with her there.

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