Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My daughter is scared of beach

I always thought children love beaches, until last sunday when i brought my daughter to one of the beaches here. She was surprisingly very afriad of the seaside. We were about 3meters away from the water, but she has started to scream that she don't want to go near it. She also reluctant to go down on her feet, hanging tight to her father. We try to talk to her, asked her not to be afraid of, and that we will hold her tight. However she just can't feel comfortable looking at the seaside and pointed to our car, signalling us to bring her back. We just don't understand what she really afraid of. She seems ok when she was watching other kids playing with the sands. So i tried to give her some sands to play with but again, she shouted out loud that she don't want to play with it. Since she acted so extremely, we decided not to pursue her further and returned to our car. Her dad said we should try some other days so that she will get used to it. Anyway, it was indeed a strange experience we have had.:)


YCB ~ Biology ~ PCGHS said...

I remember I read somewhere last time that a child felt very scared of water when parents brought her near it. Do you believe in reincarnation? Later it was found out that the child was drown in her past life. She could gave description about the place and her previous family members. After some investigations conducted, the parents found the child was correct on what she said, her family members of her past life existed! No wonder she grew phobia about water.

Haha.... amusing huh?

Gaik Ling said...

wow, this is interesting :)