Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Barney- a helping hand for all kids

Recently I bought my kid a Barney VCD, and she likes to watch it. But she can only focus watching it for the first 15minutes the most. It has now become her routine to watch the Barney VCD every morning. I'm surprise to see how fast she start to learnt counting the numbers from the show by herself. When i say one, she will normally jump to four instead of following me to say one. I don't know why she like four so much. We can't help laughing at her facial expression everytime she say it. Her mouth will become small, round and open up vertically when she said the word - FOUR. Then if i say four, she will say five. She will never want to follow what i am saying. Although she cant count from one to ten yet but i think letting her watch the VCD really had helped her to learn, especially english.

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