Friday, February 11, 2011

Take me to the moon!

Last night, my girl keep asking me and her dad to bring her out. As her father was troubleshooting his laptop, I would better bring her out for a walk myself. While she is walking, she suddenly stop, poiting to the moon and run toward it with much curiousity. After a short run, she stop again and wanted me to carry her. She pointed at the moon and ask me to bring her toward that direction. Even though she can't speak yet, but I know she want me to bring her to the moon. ^-^ I told her that moon is very very far from us and that i couldn't bring her there. She looks puzzled and keep pointing at the moon. Hopefully she had  learnt her lesson that not all the things can be grab in her hands. There is so many thing that is not under our control :)

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