Thursday, February 10, 2011

Praise the child to get things done!

Recently my gal has learnt to say "No" when i ask her to do a simple task like helping me to throw her dirty diaper into the dustbin. She used to like to do it very much, but maybe after a while, it has no challenge anymore and she reluctant to do so. Instead of forcing her to do it, i praise her. I said "kai shuen is a good girl isn't it, kai shuen always helps mummy, right? please..." Then she will happily do as per what i instructed her. I don't know how long this new "strategic" will work, perhaps i may need to think of other way when this failed :)
Not only children like to be praised, adults also like compliment. We might easily forget to say thanks and praise others especially one that very close to us like our parents and our partner. I must always remind myself to give my sincere compliments to all the poeple who had help me, who had done a great jobs, especially to those who I care the most.