Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pampering the child too much?

I think most of the kids like the coin operated electric toy cars, same do my daughter. But how they would know that it was fun sitting on the toy car if the parents did not let them try for the first time? I still remember the first time i let her sit on this kiddie rider was when she is around 6months old. At that time, she looks a bit scare sitting on it and don't seem to enjoy it. However, I keep letting her try it a few time when she get older. And i see that slowly she seems to like it so much. Until now, whenever she saw the electric toy car in the shopping mall, she will shout out loud and wanted to play with it. She now even demand us to put in the coin whenver the car has stopped. So, who's fault is this? It is me that pampering her until like that lor ^-^


Ee weei said...

"I think this is not pampering her too much. You also don't want her to become like kampung girl, never try on anything, right?I think what we can do is limit her how many times she can play. We parents sure enjoy the happy look of our kids when they have fun!"

Jessie Lim said...

She's so adorable..pampering our own child is inevitable..it's about balancing it and when the kid is big enough then teaching her and negotiating with her is a necessary to avoid having to give in to her every time when she cries. Else she... will learn that this is the way she will get her way..not in just toy car alone but other things. Parenthood is not an easy thing..it comes with lots of challenges...soon i will be in the same stage as you...perhaps good to read up on books that teach us on dealing with children...and trying to understand their behaviors