Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Raising children with or without Television

I had been hearing parents debating about this topic all the time. Yesterday i read about an article again on whether parents should raise their children without television. It mention about a research result that "Children who averaged more than three hours of television per day at ages 3 to 5 scored higher for reading recognition in tests taken at ages 6 to 7. The study took into account other factors that may contribute to a child's cognitive development, such as the mother's education level and IQ."  Well, after reading this, would those of you who allowed your kids to watch TV find a relief? No matter it is true or not, i think everything has it pro and cons. My belief is - not to overdo. For example, things that is good to eat, not necessary need to be eaten all the time and food that is not so healthy, may also be eaten sometime. The key word to me is BALANCE. We may let our children watch TV everday but not all the time. We can even choose some good program for them to watch especially those educational channel. I think it is hard to deny TV in this 21st century. It is also a fun activites to watch together with them and you may find the opportunity to teach them some good lesson too. Anyway, other than watching TV, we should let them explore other types of activities and plays as well. On the other hands, for those who doesn't allowed their kids to watch TV, it is good too as you may spent time with them doing other meaningful stuff, perhaps sewing, playing lego and etc. 

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