Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sad tragedy- A rare home accident

Today I was shocked to hear the news about 5 years old boy strangled to death by the curtain cord at his home. This is a rare home accident happen when his mother was cooking at the kitchen and his grandmother away for awhile to pick up the phone call. This incident made me feel that taking care of children really needs a full focus and attention. There are some safety precaution that we as a parent should always be looking at, such as to install the baby safety gate at home staircase, avoid letting the small pieces of toys scattering around, hot water and kitchen utensils keep out of reach oh our children and so much more!
Something accident happen due to our own carelessness but there is also time where it just happen out of our control like the case mention. Anyway, we as a parent have to do our best to protect our children from injury and fatal.

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