Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everday is playtime

Over the weekend, playing become more excited to my kid. Her cousins were around to play with her. They are good in creating some new and interesting games for her. This time, they hang a belon at the "rambutan"tree behind my mom's backyard and gave her a mosquito bat. Then, they ask her to hit on the belon. What a new and fun games they created for her and she does enjoying it very well! This is also a type of create and manipulative play where she gets the chance to exercise her hand and eye-coordination. I really enjoyed seeing her playing with her cousin with all the laughing and exercisng. So, who says kids needs expensive toys? :-)


littlespringvalley said...

This remind me of one of the celebration in US. They hang the toys and ask the kids to hit the toys until pecah so that all the sweet can drop out from the toys....^^

Gaik Ling said...

Good idea also hor, we should try that and let the kids hit on it! :)