Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Types of Play

As i mention in the earlier post, play is very important for a child's development. Children learn through creative play. Today i am gonna share with all the different types of play for your knowledge and reference.
Discovery play allows your children to explore and discover how things are like eg the shapre, colours, texture; how they work, and what he can do wiht them. For example, playing wiht sand and water, kids will discover that sand changes colour when it is wet, and that he can clasp the wet sand tightly to shape it into a ball.
Social play provide your child a room to interact with other children or adults, through which he learns about sharing, cooperating, tolerating, and other social behaviours. One of example my child show her social play was through her play talking on the toy handphone. This allows her to develop communication and language skills.
Physical play involves any activity that requires pysical movements such as exercising, dancing, playing with sports equipments, running etc..my girl loves playing with ball, throwing and kicking it.
Manipulative play is the form of play where your kids get to practise his or her hand-eye coordination. Meaning their hands (including fingers), eyes and brain work together simultaneously to carry out an action to make something happen. The video clip below shows the type of manipulative play by my daughter recently. She learnt this couple of weeks before she was finally able to do so.
Creative play is a great opportunity for your child to express his or her ideas, feeling and creativity through activities such as building towers and houses wiht blocks, and kneading modelling dough into the shapes of animals.
Imaginative play or sometime call pretend play is the famous game among toddler around 2 years and above where they will try to imitate what adults do during their play eg shopping or cooking. This allows them to expland their imagination by pretending to be someone else, or even an object or animal.

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