Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What is Waldorf Education?

"Waldorf Education, as define by  wikipedia is a humanistic approach to pedagogy based upon the educational philosophy of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. Learning is interdisciplinary, integrating practical, artistic, and conceptual elements. The approach emphasizes the role of the imagination in learning, developing thinking that includes a creative as well as an analytic component. The educational philosophy's overarching goals are to provide young people the basis on which to develop into free, morally responsible and integrated individuals, and to help every child fulfill his or her unique destiny, the existence of which anthroposophy posits."
Being a first time mother, I guess it's normal to feel excited but at the same time nervous. We may worry how to become a good mother. One of the way to overcome this feeling is to read a lot of parenting books. Recently a friend of mine has borrowed me a book entitled- Beyond the Rainbow Bridge : Nurturing our children from birth to seven. After finished reading it, I was so happy that i fianlly found a way to raise a healthy child that suit me, the Waldrof way. All this while, I don't agree to put children too earlier into "educational learning" but would rather prefer to develop their innovation through creative play. Waldorf education emphasized on the importance of creative play, the necessity of daily routine, and the merits of creative discipline. A playstand, some cotton cloths, stuffed dolls, some baskets filled with clothespins, crystals, etc. are the natural toys that children need rather than the video games, TV and sophisticated toys. It was so true, eg my girl prefer to play with her hankerchief comapre to the sophisticated toys that we bought for her.
In the book, it also teaches us the importancy to create their daily routine like for example, afternoon nap is a must, evening is the outdoor playtime and at night is the bedtime story telling. I am also a well organized person and that is why i do agree to the concept of Waldorf Education. However the challenging part is no TV for kids. I think this might be too difficult for all of us to achive but i think we should just limit them to 1 or 2 hour a day. :)

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