Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to solve toddler crying at night problem?

My girl recently often wake up at night and cry. I have to give her her pacifier so that she can fall back to sleep. Even though the cry is just a few second but it is very disturbing because she wake up 2 to 3 times a night. I think there is a problem here and hence i did some reserch on internet and find some useful tips.
According to my finding, a good bedtime routine is important so that toddlers can have a good sleep at night. The routine can be different for different kids and even for different age. Some of the good bedtime routine include changing the diaper, putting on her pajamas and read the bedtime story to her. The routine should be fairly short but consistency. I found that one of my mitake was to change her diaper and pajamas too early, about one and a half hour before she went to bed. Also, i did a mistake by letting her watching TV while lying down on the bed. But all this are small matters compare to the problem of her being too sticky to her pacifier. I notice that once she wake up at night and her pacifier is not in her mouth, she will cry out loud. Maybe i should try to give her some water to drink instead of giving her back the pacifier.

Hopeful once i change her bedtime routine, she can has a better quality of sleep.

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