Sunday, August 29, 2010

After 4 months..

It has been around 4 months after i quit my job, time really flies. It is time to review what i had done in this 4 motnhs...

Firstly, i enjoyed spending time with my cute little one, growing up with her seeing how she learn things and word each day and now learn how to walk d :)

Secondly, I enjoyed time spending with my mother, bringing her around and have more time talking and listen to her..

Thirdly, I had learn up the basic of forex trading, read 2 or 3 books on forex and now continue to apply my knowledge in the demo account.

4th, I had read 2 books regarding to early childhood development and i have a better view of how to becomea good parent (not that i sure can but i will try my best :))

and finally, i had brought Kai Shuen for 2 long trip, one in Muar and the other is the recent Genting trip :)

Guess i have achieve a lot too in this 4 months time and i really happy with it, though sometime a bit boring cause no friends to talk to :)