Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friends gathering

I always feel that one of the happiest moment in live is meeting friends, especially those who didnt meet up for long time, to have a cup of coffee and chatting non-stop about anything we like. Last sat, i managed to have such wonderful time with my friends in Gunung Jerai. It is not only a gathering with fren but also a gathering of our kids, hahaha, it was so fun indeed.

It was JJand my first time visitng to mt Jerai. Although there is not much thing we can do up there except taking scenic photos and of course chit chatting, i thought it was a nice place. At least it is well maintain then penang hill, which looks really old.

I tot there should have built some entertainment up there like karaoke room or nice pub or some sports court. If not, it is really boring to stay overnight there.


mk said...

last time my fren went there and he said is in quite good condition, maybe no maintenance :p

Gaik Ling said...

it is still in good shape..just that i mean no much entertainment was build..