Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is all about priority

Some people always claim that they have no time to do this or to do that.Well, i guess sometimes it is true but most of the time it is just about priority. I used to say i got no time to study this study that, but actually i prefer spending my time watching the Korea drama or chatting online.
Some other always said that they are busy at work and no time for family and friends, but i doubt that too. Again it is just priority. Whether you think this task is more important tor urgent than the other one, you will make the right decision. Some people i feel they always like to "fan fei ji" and give of sort of excused. Well sometimes it seems to be a valid excuses but again most of the time it is not. If you really think that the friend you are meeting is so important to you and you really wanted to meet with him/her, you will re-arrange all your other tasks, but if you think that meeting that friend can always be push out to a later date, then sure u dont mind to "fang fei ji". But, your fren how has always kena "fang fei ji" by you will slowly learn that he/she is not the priority in your mind.
So, my advise it that, dont simply make an empty promise to your families, friends, or colleagues and once promise has been made, try hard to hold on to it, dont give yourself all sorts of excuses to break it :)


不一样的天空 said...

If people close to me always do that to me ...I will neglect him/her in our friendship lio :)

mk said...

agree, it is all about priority :)