Monday, August 31, 2009

Great Dinner

Last sat we have gathering at one of my colleague's house. He and his gf cooked 4 Japanese dishes for us, so yummy. They are Tempura, Miso soup, Onkonomiyaki (japanese pancake) and Curry beef...I should have shown u the photo but I didnt brought my camera, though my colleague did took a few photoes of it.
After the dinner, we enjoyed the Wii Fit games, it was so fun unfortunately i cant play :(
Anyway, i still having a good time laughing at other playing, hehehe...JJ's estimated ages from the games was 49, OMG...hehehe...and he is so much overweight, need to work out hard d lar JJ...We really have fun playing or seeing other play the game whereby you need to move ur body weight in order to move ur direction from right to left to hit the ball while trying to avoid shoes or panda throwing to u....FUN! :)
Well, i guess this is the last gathering before I go on maternity leave, going to miss all other gathering in the next few months due to the baby :)

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