Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good managers solved problems, Lousy managers avoid solving problems...

After so many year working in the factory, i had sort of understand normally how the managers will react or work on certain issues. There is good managers and lousy managers. Of course good managers are hard to find or maybe i am so unlucky that i always meet with lousy managers.
There is a huge percentage of managers are classified as lousy managers in my company.
You may ask me why i say they are lousy managers? what did they do wrong??? Well, that is the problem, they dint do anything wrong, the only thing which is wrong is because they try to keep quiet and do nothing...trying to avoid solving the problem once and for all.
IF you cant understand what i mean, congratulation, that means you havent meet a lousy manager yet :)


不一样的天空 said...

I felt majority managers are fall into your 2nd category coz need to safe own backside ma..

mk said...

*chuckle* Not only managers are like that, a lot of people also like that.

Not a lot of people FACE the problem :p