Saturday, June 6, 2009

First time feeling of getting benefit from Gov

After years of paying tax to Gov, today i suddenly feel that i gain benefit from it. :)
Hmm..wonder why i feel so? Here is the story.....I attended a Positive Parenting seminar organized by Malaysian Paediatric Association for free at Gurney Hotel. It was a good session whereby we got the chance to hear from 3 doctors on 3 different topics that is - Risk of pregnancy, vaccination for baby and childhood character development.
Apart from the free info, for those who answer the quiz correctly, they can get the books called health eatery guide and there is lucky draw hamper as well. Not to forget the door gift that is the free booklet and free samples from supplier...and the most importantly, the free food at the end of the seminar :) I guess this is the first time i enjoyed the benefit from Gov organized event and we should have the privilege to enjoying it more....
See what we get? the book for anwering the quiz correctly and the hamper as well apart from those door give and info...hahaha, what a lucky day for me and JJ :)

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不一样的天空 said...

I felt they very jenerous for the gift lie.